A beautiful location with magnificent views of the Tuki Tuki River valley and Te Mata Peak. Красивое расположение с великолепным видом на долину Туки Туки реки и Te Mata Peak. 一个美丽的地方与TUKI TUKI流域和蒂玛塔峰的壮丽景色。

Map181 Waimarama Road, Havelock North

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Luxury New Zealand Property

The House with the land extending down the Tuki Tuki river .
Allowing private access too the the river,complete with a lower terrace paddock which could be used for horses or other animals
or landscaped further.

Viewing times

The Property can only be viewed strictly by appointment with the owners.

We enclose the open2view link - apart from additional photos , open the 3D tour , using this one can tour completely through the house using your computer cursers arrows and travel from room to room


Property for Sale Fixed Price NZ$3,500,000

House Site 2.9310 hectares (this extends to the Tukituki River) Riparian Rights
+ 1/2 Share of the drive 2348 square metres more or less

Total size of house - 616 sq. m , excluding decks , garage , pool house.
House Upper floor 294 sq m + decks 54 sq.m, house Lower floor 322 sq.m + decks 83sq.m, pool house 84.5 sq.m and garage 73.70 sq.m

Foreigners living and buying in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the world's most stable and corruption free democracies.
The climate, lifestyle and breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand make it a very attractive destination.
Foreigners can purchase property and own property in New Zealand.